Hi Jim,

On Freitag 29 April 2005 02:16, Jim Wilson wrote:
> This sounds great.  In a few days I should be able to get this and test it.
>  In the meanwhile, please double check that you can do resets and multiple
> teleports.  I think your changes will improve the situation,  but those
> have historically been issues when working with the viewer code.  Also
> check to make sure taxing accross tile boundries works (coast most of the
> way down the default runway at KSFO).
I can rerset.
I can taxi across tile boundaries.
All with JSBSim (non groundcache) and YASim (groundcache) aircraft
I can still take off and land on the carrier.
With YASim aircraft.

With teleporting I am not shure what you mean.
Switching between views far away?
I can take of from KSFO fly straight away for several minues (about 350 kts) 
and happily cycle through all views including the tower view.



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