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Ben Morrison wrote:

I have downloaded the following source code files: FlightGear 9.8, SimGear 3.8, plib 1.8.4, and zlib 1.1.4. I was able to get this to compile in Visual Studio 2003 but when I try to run flight gear with the following command: “fgfs –fg-root=c:\\GS_PTT\\Flightgear\\data –airport=KSFO – aircraft=A-10cl –disable-sound” and I get the following runtime error almost immediately:

Debug assertion failed!

Program: fgfs.exe

File: isctype.c

Line: 68

Expression: (unsigned)(c+1) <= 256

Has anyone ever encountered this error? Is it possible to set breakpoints in Flightgear and debug it that way?

You can debug, no problem.
The assert is a known problem, it happens with a debug build under VS, you have to change a view lines in simgear, patch attached.

BTW: you will get a 2x to 3x framerate improvement if you compile flightgear in release mode, and you will not be annoyed by this assertion failure.


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