On Freitag 29 April 2005 22:36, ghours wrote:
> >from where is it possible to get these patches ?
> I did find anything in JSBSim CVs
Yes, but there was a propblem with the standalone version of JSBSim.
Jon completely reverted these patches within a few hours.
The fix and the job to check that back to Jon's repository is in his hands 

Sorry to say that, but I guess that the part which would end up into JSBSim 
will only include the solidness of the carrier deck.
I have initially developed the physical model with the JSBSim code, just 
because I found it convenient to have a vector class that I can use like a 
scalar value. I am just much faster in developing physical models with such a 
thing. The real final outcome is what we have in YASim and what I have 
learned by doing that.
I am a bit tired fighting against JSBSim's maintainer for magnitudes of time 
just to get some small and abvious changes into JSBSim. I don't want to think 
of bigger changes ... 



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