Indeed, the AC3D loader now honour the smoothing property of surfaces rather than applying a general, random smoothing strategy as it was in the past.

You now have to reload your model in AC3D or Blender, and smooth surfaces as needed with the tools available in both modeler.


Jeff Koppe wrote :

Ahh... nevermind. I found the issue by looking at the model. And for my 
fellow FGFS novices: Take a look at the SURF parameter in the .ac file. If it's 
SURF 0x00 the sufaces are faceted. SURF 0x10 will give you a smoother looking 


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I'm working on my 2nd incarnation of a 1911 Wright EX for fgfs. All this after upgrading operating system, fgfs, etc, etc. Now, in fgfs my model seems to be much more faceted than I recall the first one (which, of course, I no longer have). I faintly recall seeing a discussion somewhere about smoothing parameters in .ac models and how it changed somewhere with a AC3D version change? And how the Blender .ac export script hadn't been updated? Or something along those lines...

Can someone refresh my memory or point me in the right direction? So far I've not been able to locate anything in the dev or user lists.

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