> Right now there are two instances where AI objects are created on-the-fly.
> One is in the submodels manager (see /source/src/AIModel/submodels.cxx).
> These are ballistic AI objects the emanate from the user airplane. 
> Currently this is used for contrails, smoke, flares, tracers, etc.
> The other instance is Durk's Traffic Manager, which creates AI aircraft
> based on a schedule, and creates flightplans for them.  This provides
> ongoing airline traffic.

You might want to have a look at Traffic/Schedule.cxx, around line 353, where 
I'm creating new AIAircraft objects. These models have their own FDM, 
however, which take care of moving them around. If you want to move the 
ojects around yourself, you probably have to write your own movement code, 
possibly by deriving your own class from AIBase.


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