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Yeah I know that I need I four axis control to fly helicopters.  I'm
building a collective and pedals at the moment. I'm disapointed to hear that
the helicopter model is not optimised for all helicopters.  Surely some
tweaking can result in performance that match that of the real choppers.

I have tried to make two helicopters as close as possible to the specifications

1/ CH53 seastallion: mass:36700 pounds
2/ AS330 puma : which is 16300 pounds
it is very difficult to give the good delta and rellenflaphinge parameters according to the real model.
The result for the flyable modele does contain non realistics parameters.
I could never get goods result whith torque activated. Sometime it work , sometime it don't.
It seem that the programm dont like the heavy helicopter.

CH47 chinhook which is in the stable distribution, is not realistic.

I tried to remodelise it good mass good sizes good rpm , its crazy the two rotors makes funny results

In fact we should probably take advantage to develop a spécifique FDM helicopter, i am not abble to do it.

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