Thanks for all the help guys.  It seems the depth-rate setting was preventing 
FlightGear to run.  After I have changed the depth from 24-bits to 16-bits, 
FlightGear runs fine.  Unfortunately, enemy-territory slows down even more 
under 16-bits (not that it is playable anyway).

As far as hardware acceleration goes, even though it is available, I really 
don't think those 3D applications are using it.  glxgears is running at ~500 
fps.  I once managed to get the same amount of fps with no direct rendering, 
so... =/
Also, the framerates of glxgears seem to be extremely dependent on CPU cycles.  
I have seen it falls to 9 while the system is accessing something from the 
harddrive.  I don't know whether that is normal though.

One thing for sure is that glxgears is taking up CPU cycles.  Check:
Ignoring the first and last peak, the description for the CPU Load graph is: 
Idle -> glxgears running -> idle

Anyway, The 'Failed to load module "GLcore" ' is still here, and so the search 
to why continues. =/
Would you mind sending me your xorg.conf, Arnt?


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