eagle monart a écrit :
hi all

i want to take a part in fg developmnt.

but i ve few questions about whts going on. i searched in passed archives but need to knpw todays goals and development. there is no other source so i would appreciated if you send me info or forward me to a link

1) when we are flyng in a jet in jsb , turbinr function reflects real world functionality. what are the holes to be fiiled.

2) are there anybody working on flight computer ? f-16 flies like crazy horse where i can find real f-16 detailed flight comp functionality to import in fg?

3) anybody have detailed information on f-16 landing gear, hydrolics, pivot points etc; yeah sure with values and dimensions.

thanks everybody

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Your question could be for FlightGear-FlighModel   MailingList
The answer could be:

     Observers Aircraft, by William Green, 1987 Edition (ISBN
     General Dynamics F-16 Dash-1 (basic drag and weight data only)
     NASA TP-1538 wind tunnel data. (Dec. 1979)
     and Richard Murray's F16 Model page:

     Dryden Technical Reports Server documents:
         H-1999: Dynamic ground effects flight test of an F-15 aircraft.
         H-2177: Dynamic ground effect for a Cranked Arrow Wing

   Related information:
     Harry Hillaker - Father of the F-16:


You can read it in a file --->Flightgear/Aircraft/f16/f16.xml which contain the FDM Parameters
This Aircraft has been created by Erik Hoffman

It is 2 years ago I am using Flightgear ,
i can say: that aircraft is good.
may be with the last JSB version and the coming configuration  interface
every Aircraft could be better and better .

Why don't you try to create a new aircraft.
to answer the coming functionality -->landing on a carrier. Naval Aircraft.
We will certainly need some....

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