* h_a_l_o r -- Friday 06 May 2005 23:00:
> i easily can animate parts it in 3dsmax but i dont know how to import 
> animations in fg.

There's no way to import any animation info from other programs. You have
to write fgfs animation by hand. Just take a random aircraft and look how
it's done. (Hint: $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/*/Models/*.xml) Also, read the animaton
documentation: $FG_ROOT/Docs/model-howto.html

> also as a texture fg uses rgb type. cant we use others. 

No. SGI graphics (rgb) are a kind-of standard for textures. Every decent
graphics program can read and write them. There are free ones available
(GIMP, ImageMagick's convert, kolourpaint, ...).


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