On Friday 06 May 2005 02:12, Tymoteusz "Puciek" Paul wrote:
> Well i got problem with flight gear on win xp, (amd athlon xp
> 2600, 1,9ghz, 512 mb ram, ati radeon 9550, no joystick
> installed or plugged).
> When i start fly (after choosing plain, airport, setting that
> i use keyboard) the plain is going forward it self, and,
> usualy it rotate left or right (on helicoprtes he can even
> make more han 360 degre rotate without aking off ground.) it
> happends on all plains. When i start a plain, i need to manu
> all time to steer formward, other way adter some meters i'm
> out of starting road +_+
> I don't know why this happend, and this make me less happy :(

What aircraft have you tried?

Could you try an automatic take-off in the B-52F?  Select the 
B-52F and the default airport settings.

When FG has started press Shift-P and then 's' to get the 

Either use Ctrl-b on the keyboard or click on the 'BRAKES' 
indicator on the panel (to release the parking brake) and then 
click on 'TO' on the 'AP Mode' instrument.

Does the B-52F start a take-off roll along the runway?


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