Le samedi 07 mai 2005 Ã 17:11 +0200, Tymoteusz "Puciek" Paul a Ãcrit :
> You don't see what i'm trying to tell. I'm trying to tell that whole
> plain is shaking.

I understand now  !?!?!?

It happened to me with one Aircraft the F104 which was jumping and dancing on 
the runway  !!!!!!! :-)
It happened  with an other personal Aircraft  F15 using the jsbsim file -->   

And that happened with Yasim when i made e personal model of helicopter

I solved the problem by modification of the gear spring and damping, these 
values are very sensitives.

I do not notice difficulties with the others Aircraft which are good.

A crazy question: which Airport are you using ? do you use fgfs 9.8 ?

I remember now i had difficulties with an old version of fgfs and old version 
of scenery on some 
airports (don't remember which)


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