Le dimanche 08 mai 2005 Ã 23:05 +0200, Sam Heyman a Ãcrit :
> Hi!
> I am writing concerning my UAV project again.
> I am trying to create the 3D model and I am finding it quite hard... I 
> have a CATIA model of the UAV (just the skin, not all the interior) and 
> I can save a copy of it as .wrl, .igs and quite a few other formats.
> I tried using the .wrl file in FlightGear, but it did not like it. I 
> used ProEngineer to open the .igs version, hoping to be able to save it 
> as .ac or .3ds, but neither were available.
> Does anyone know what I should do to be able to use the CATIA model of 
> our UAV to create the 3D model in FlightGear?
It is possible to read .wrl with AC3D.  And you can export .3ds format
This software is existing in linux, windows, mac version. The trial
version is free 14 days. It is available on http://www.ac3d.org


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