> From: "Norman Vine"
> Jim Wilson writes:
> > 
> > I think the real issue is that SimGear shouldn't be installed anywhere 
> > ever,  because it isn't a shared library (and 
> > doesn't need to be).   It seems like it should be possible to fix the fgfs 
> > build setup so that it just links libraries 
> > right from the SimGear build directory.
> or modify make install so that it emulates "cp -p ...."

Yes.  I tried to do that once and just lost interest before getting it working 
(didn't take long).  Really though, <rant> I find it annoying to install a 
library that is statically linked by only one application into my lib 
directories.  There's already way too much useless crapola and 
redundancy-because-everyone-wants-to-start-their-own-project-these-days in the 
typical linux distro's library directory(ies) these days.</rant>

Which is why I have them installing in a non-default prefix location.  Just a 
thought... :-)



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