> Alex Romosan wrote:
> >that was exactly the original problem: changes in simgear 
> would involve a
> >full recompilation of flightgear if you use static libraries. and
> >compiling flightgear does take a very long time. now, if you use
> >dynamic libraries, you can make your change in simgear and 
> just go fly
> >right away...
> >  
> >
> Using static or dynamic libs really don't make that much 
> difference when 
> recompiling FlightGear.  It's your "procedure" that makes all the 
> difference.  If you do a make install at the top level of simgear 
> (dynamic or static) you are going to reinstall and touch all 
> the simgear 
> header files which will trigger a nearly full recompile of FG.  The 
> linking trick someone mentioned is probably the most 
> convenient, but is 
> a little non-standard.  Often I just watch which bits are changed in 
> simgear, and only do a make install in those subdirectories.  
> That saves 
> a lot of compiling on the FG side.  Also, if you know the headers 
> haven't changed, you can just copy over the .a files to your install 
> location and do a quick relink of FG.  (And I should point 
> out that the 
> relink can be quick on the right platform, and can be really slow on 
> other platforms ...) :-)
> Curt.

If you set environment variable INSTALL="/usr/bin/install -p" before running 
configure for SimGear then the simgear libraries keep their date when 
installed, so the Singear files that FlightGear 'make' looks at only change 
date if the file has actually changed. Consequently, running make on Flightgear 
only rebuilds the parts that need to be rebuilt.

Saves tens-of-minutes per build on Cygwin.


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