* Jim Wilson -- Monday 09 May 2005 14:27:
> Or do we have code that will (maybe incorrectly) do this every frame?

To be more specific: I added two debug messages, one for removeChild() and
one for startElement(). Then I took the Hunter and flew it from KSFO to
the Golden Gate bridge. I got three times removeChild(), and about twenty
times startElement(). (That was for objects that were loaded after taking
off and had their own xml file. Most objects don't have xml files.)

> Maybe cc a copy of your proposal to David Megginson would be a good idea.

Not necessary any more, now that I've changed the patch to essentially
only make clear_value() public and using it in two places. If it was good
enough (i.e. didn't leak memory) for internal use, it should be good enough
for the public.  :-)


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