Innis Cunningham wrote:

Hi Sam

 Sam Heyman writes

How do you find the centre point for FG? I have positioned the
aircraft at the centre of AC3D and have scaled it to the right size.
In the preview the model is displayed and is centred, but when I
launch the flight the model is miles away! and rotates around the FG
centre point.

Hmm when you say miles away is the model on the end of the runway at
the airport you are starting at or out away from the runways.I have done
some models and have never had the problems you seem to be having.


I am slowly understanding how it all works. Now the aircraft is located on the runway but it is underground and facing up.
Just a little more "tweeking" and I should manage....
One pb still remains and that is the aircraft spins around rather than stay still, but I think that is due to the values in the configuration file that are not quite right yet (I have the values for our aircraft, but haven't put them all in yet).

I noticed in the command window while the simulator launches that there is a problem during the calculations which says: "x value too small"
The model I am implementing is a RC model and is therefore only 2.20m span. Do you know if FlightGear can support small aircraft like this?


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