Sorry for yet another RFC. But this is something that I have since a long
time in my personal copy, and I think it should be considered for CVS:

We have two chase views:

  view[1]: "Helicopter View"
  view[2]: "Chase View"

The so-called "Helicopter View" should actually be called "Cheesy View" or
"Camera on a long invisible stick mounted to the fuselage". If you apply
rudder/anti-torque the effect is that the aircraft stays fixed, but the
scenery swings left and right. I consider this view unusable except for some
very few cases, such as viewing taildraggers on ground or crashed aircraft.
In these cases the "Chase View" is unsuitable, because it tilts and doesn't
provide a natural view orientation. That's less than 0.01% of all cases
where I use outside view, though.

So the obvious fix for me was to swap view[1] and view[2], because I didn't
want to always press v and V twice so as to skip the silly "Helicopter View".
Consistency with obsolete fgfs versions and habits are IMHO no justification
for having the "exotic" chase view first.

Anyone preferring "Helicopter View"?


PS: or is it called "Helicopter View" because a helicopter exposes the
    silliness of this view most impressively?  :-}

PPS: one person ever complained about the "Chase View", because it made
     him "dizzy", but I don't think that's representative. There's
     medication available for such symptoms!   ;-)

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