Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Jim Wilson -- Wednesday 11 May 2005 03:38:

Melchior FRANZ wrote:

Anyone preferring "Helicopter View"?

Yes, me.
While the "Chase view" is a nice demonstration of the viewer code, I think most people prefer the "Helicopter view" because it doesn't have the problem of the view going out of sync with gravity.

Oh. This is very suprising, if not to say shocking. The "Helicopter View" doesn't resemble *any* real-life view. Not even if you are sitting in the last row of a 747 you'll get anything like that.

I tend to agree with Erik. I don't use the helicopter or chase view for a
more realistic experience.

Huh? The more realistic is without any doubt the "Chase View", which I prefer.
Erik prefers the "Helicopter View" nevertheless. You prefer neither?

Anyway: I thought this was a no-brainer, and that the current setting was just
a left-over from past times. (And I assume Erik meant "most people who prefer
Helicopter, prefer it because ...", not that "most people prefer" that awkward

I'll just continue to apologize to every new user about this and won't bring
it up again. So much for usability ...  :-/


PS: thanks for bothering to reply to all my RFCs! I guess I'm out of ideas
now. :-)

If an old user can pipe up, I prefer the chase view if I'm in spectator mode, such as watching a replay or on autopilot but if I'm flying and want an outside view then I'll use the helicopter view. Doing acrobatics in chase mode can be pretty hairy :) Mostly if I'm flying though I will be in the cockpit so I personally wouldn't mind if chase view was promoted. One vote for.

Also I'd like to say the new 3d clouds and start up sequence are great. Also I've got some pretty nice screen shots taken at 1400x1050 with anti-aliasing and with the 3d clouds that I could put on a web page if they could be useful.


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