Le jeudi 12 mai 2005 Ã 09:46 -0400, Ben Morrison a Ãcrit :
>   "Ben Morrison" writes
> >The problem with this approach is that I have no experience with modelling
> >aircraft.  I have downloaded blender and played around with it but that's
> >about it.  How long would you say it would take you to create this model,
> >just so I have an idea.  I was also wondering if taking a plane close to 
> >the
> >size of a C130 and modifying it to look like a C130 is an option?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Ben
> Innis Cunningham wrote
> > Solid work day in day out about 2 weeks but I would get sick of it so 
> > about 2 months.  Also the fact that you are starting on Blender does not 
> > help.  I am sure Blender is a great program but it is not all that
> > intuitive  to use.  I use AC3D.  Starting from scratch is the way to go.I
> > would say start with the fuselage by creating cylinders and shaping them to
> > resemble the fuselage.  You might be surprised how quick things develop.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Innis
> Yeah, I gave up on trying to work with Blender because of its interface.
> One of my co-workers likes Blender but I think it is only because it is
> free.  I will look at AC3D.  
> Ben

AC3D could be a good tool at the beginning when you start with 3D
modelling. But it is limited. You will discover quickly functionalities
missing. Look at the A380 wings  shape. you cannot do it with AC3D.

Blender will be very useful don't be fear to go into.It is well
structured. Look at the tutorial that is very helpful.


> Gerard

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