Melchior FRANZ

> * Ben Morrison -- Thursday 12 May 2005 15:46:
> > Yeah, I gave up on trying to work with Blender because of its interface.
> > One of my co-workers likes Blender but I think it is only because it is
> > free.  I will look at AC3D.
> AC3D isn't only non-free, it also screwed its *paying* customers over, if
> I remember correctly. Blender is free in both senses, and the UI only
> looks
> difficult at first contact. After working through two or three
> tutorials[1]
> and maybe asking two or three questions here on the list, you know enough
> to build an aircraft. And suddenly you'll find the UI very effective and
> convenient. And you'll never go back[2]. It's just the first hurdle, and
> it only *looks* high.  :-)

I'm in the AC3D gang: I found Blender just too difficult, and unpleasant to
look at. I've now had 3 free updates (but you do have to keep your
registration number - hard for some folks). I have yet to find any modelling
problem that can't be solved in AC3D.

Yer pays yer money and makes yer choice.



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