Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> Only Nasal dialogs are generated new every time. The ones in
> $FG_ROOT/gui/dialogs/ are only read once and then remain in the
> property tree, no? When such a dialog is displayed next time, it will
> again read x/y/width/height ...  which were removed at the end of the
> first display().

I wasn't clear: I meant the PUI dialog object, which is generated
every time the dialog-show FGCommand is executed.  Basically, it's
compiled from the property tree before being placed on the scren.  The
layout management acts as a "preprocessor" on the properties before
the PUI compielr sees them.

The real question is: what is the code that is reading from the
removed node?  Unless there is a bug, the layout management code
should be leaving the property tree in *exactly* the same state that
it started in.


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