* [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Sunday 15 May 2005 12:03:
> I'll give it a try. Where exactly is this in the code please?

It isn't. It's a Perl program on my HD. I'll "release" it later today.
(I guess. :-) And I'm really not sure if it will run on MICROS~1,
although all required components are available (perl, ImageMagick's
convert, gunzip).

> I'm wondering if FG could be started with a parameter --destination
> airport=KJFK that would put up a billboarding rectangle [ TO 
> <destination-airport] 
> in the approximate direction.

That's already possible. Just open $FG_ROOT/Huds/Default/default.xml and
enable <runwayhud>. Then enter an airport id in /sim/presets/airport-id and
enable the HUD. You'll see an arrow pointing to the given airport, or if
you are near enough, the outline of a runway.

> Do you think that this would be a reasonable or useful thing to have?

Don't know. It's just a simple script and I'm not sure if that's worth it.
It would mean to move the signs, and that will most likely lead to
ugly stuttering. I think that the script is just a fun hack, and nothing
that aims for perfection.

> How complicated would it be to put signs above individual pieces of scenery

Trivial. I added the four bridges already. They generate blue text, while
the airports generate black text (which pales to white in the distance, just
like everything else):

  http://members.aon.at/mfranz/city-names.jpeg  [25 kB]
  (yes, the text in the background is black, too. :-)

> If one had, say, GPS coordinates for certain places, could these coordinates
> with a name be placed in the scenery?

Sure. The "database" is only a simple gzipped text file with entries such
as these:

  B -122.476622 37.820467 80 Golden Gate Bridge
  B -122.370100 37.804905 72 Bay Bridge
  B -122.214213 37.598483 4 San Mateo Bridge
  B -122.118602 37.505852 31 Dumbarton Bridge
  A -122.375264 37.621134 13 KSFO San Francisco Intl
  A -122.213431 37.727633 6 KOAK Metropolitan Oakland Intl

> Should this go in a special directory, say 'namedlocations' or should it
> just be mixed in with the original scenery?    

The script goes to $FG_ROOT/Local/... which isn't part of the official
hierarchy. Currently one adds the lines to the one and only database file.

> I'm thinking labeling Times Square next time I'm in NYC to get the coordinates
> Maybe my favorite restaurant, too 8-) 

Don't add too many. You'll only see the nearest 10 targets. If you have a
sign for each building in NYC, you'll hardly ever see a sign for KJFK.  ;-)

> I've landed in FG not at the airport I intended to but at neighboring airport.
> I am perpetually clueless most of the time... from 2,000 ft, airports all look
> alike to me.  

Yes. Sometimes it's nice to see the airport names, as you fly along.


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