This is extremely impressive. Very well done, not only the clouds (fading
in in the distance!; brighter?), but also lightning and rain. (BTW: we could
extract some more lightning info from metar IIRC, such as lightning frequency;
I didn't do this before, because we had no use for it).

Also, my speed problems vanished once I had changed the cache from 1024 to 4096.
(BTW: it's not possible to set the cache size via property, because the code
overwrites it. Initializing via nasal works, though.)

Only one thing is annoying, and others said that this is not the cloud code's
fault: the cloud movements due to view banking. That's a pain in the butt.
And flying through clouds was better in the old 3d cloud code: The new one
drags the puff layers to the side like theater backdrops, which is a bit
irritating if you have bad visibility already, and try not to crash into the
landscape.  ;-)

Heh, but I know that this will get fixed in the end (at leat the banking
problem), and fgfs 1.0 will have the best weather imaginable.

Thanks a lot!

PS: TODO for 1.0:
    - perfect weather               (almost) done
    - per-wheel gound reactions     YASim: done;  JSBSim: :-(   UIUC: bah!
    - help system                   (a bit unsophisticated, but) done
    - a/c switchable at runtime     hmm   :-/

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