Erik Hofman wrote:
> The way the code works is like this (I show it only
> for "width", but it's almost the same for "x", "y",
> and "height":

Er... no.  I wrote it (the layout support we are talking about),
remember? :)

The layout manager is a preprocessor.  It takes the
x/y/width/height properties as input, but it also WRITES them as
output, so that the existing "create a Pui dialog" code sees a
complete data set.  If you leave them in place, then any changes
that the layout code needed to make to the users hard-coded
preference will be left there, and the users preference gets

There was a real bug somewhere around the 0.9.5 timeframe due to the
removeChild() issue.  Check the archives, I think Jim Wilson was the
one who came up with a workaround; if you remove that workaround, the
bug due to w/y/width/height being clobbered will be quite clear.

> Unless somebody proves me I'm wrong I won't revert this patch.

An appeal from the author isn't good enough?  Again: you have
misunderstood how the code works.  Revert Jim's patch, hopefully
that will be proof enough.


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