On Monday 16 May 2005 16:51, Ben Morrison wrote:
> I have added a tank to flightgear but the model is not to scale, appears
> below the ground, and doesn't face the right direction.

As in water tank, or as in battle tank?

> If I understand 
> correctly the model should have values to correct this in a xml file, but I
> can't find documentation for the properties to define them.
> Can someone 
> point me in the right direction?

Looking at other model xml files is also quite educational.

IIRC Blender uses the same coordinate system as Flightgear. That is, the X, Y 
and Z axes are pointing in the same direction. AC3D uses a rotated coordiante 
system, I forget how it's rotated, but I guess you'd figure that out when you 
start using it.

In order to have a 3D object "face the right direction" you have to know that 
* Forward is the negative X axis direction
* Rightward is the positive Y axis direction and
* Upward is the positive Z axis direction

So when creating you model (in Blender) you should have it facing in the 
negative X axis direction.

For scale you must remember that units in both Blender and AC3D are meters. 
One unit in Blender equals one meter in FlightGear.

When you include you model in FlightGear, it is positioned relative to it's 
origin. If that happens to be in the middle of the model bulk, and you 
position it at ground level, then consequently part of your model will appear 
below ground.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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