> I have added a tank to flightgear but the model is not to scale, appears
> below the ground, and doesn't face the right direction.  If I understand
> correctly the model should have values to correct this in a xml file, but I
> can't find documentation for the properties to define them.  Can someone
> point me in the right direction?

The offsets are defined in SimGear/simgear/scene/model/model.cxx.  Here's the 

                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/heading-deg", 0.0),
                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/roll-deg", 0.0),
                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/pitch-deg", 0.0),
                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/x-m", 0.0),
                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/y-m", 0.0),
                      props.getFloatValue("/offsets/z-m", 0.0));

To use these offsets you need to put an <offsets> section in the model's XML 
wrapper file, like this:



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