ARGH My email server has been playing up.  I can't send mail with outlook so I 
have to send it through the browser, but then it sends the mail from another 
address so I can't get onto the lists. 

Anyway I have a bit of a backlog of questions.

I am trying to put gauges in the virtual cockpits of my R22, Pawnee and C152 
but I am having trouble understanding the data format.  I can get a gauge to 
appear but I would like to do some gauges with covers, so the needle appears 
from under it. I can't find the information in the readme.xmlpanel file.  Could 
someone point me in the right direction?  On the same matter is there a way of 
setting coulours on a gauge to be transperent?

Is it possible to animate *.mdl files?  I have been trying to animate my R22 
which is in .mdl format and made by Abacus FSDS. Here is an example of the code 
in the /Models/r22.xml file.


The model has a part named cyclic but I get an error in the fgrun window saying 
that cyclic can not be found.  When the simulation loads there is no animation 
of the cyclic.  Is there a syntax problem?  I have done a fair bit of trouble 
shooting and have narrowed it down to Flight Gear not being able to find the 

Lastly are there any decent freeware/open source XML editors out there?  At the 
moment I am just using wordpad to edit the XML files.


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