Steve Hosgood wrote:

This is a toy. It's fun, and probably isn't too far wrong from modelling
the real Colditz Glider. However, I've never even *seen* the Colditz
Glider replica (in the Imperial War Museum now, apparently) far less
flown it. So I don't know.

It is - assuming it's not been moved it's right up on the top floor. There a few rather dark photos at the end of this collection:

If the original was anything like the rebuild then it really was a remarkable achievement. (Obviously with the rebuild they tried to stick to similar materials, but did have the advantage the

Please try it and if you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to take
them on board. I'm expecting complaints about the stall characteristics
which are probably too savage, but then, hang-gliders stall hard, so why
not this machine?

There's no 3D model, sorry. Suggestions for how to do one, or (better)
offers of help gratefully received!

How much information do you have? Unfortunately I'm the other end of the country, so can't easily drop in to the war museum again, but I suspect they'll be the best source of info.

Jon Stockill

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