Steve Hosgood wrote:

Wasn't aware I was running with anything much more than standard Mozilla
defaults. I'll take a look sometime.

Hmm, very strange - it's usually windows users that have a problem, and it's only certain versions of norton (I'm the sysadmin for that photos site btw -

And presumably they used "proper" tools, not home-made ones.

I guess that depends what they were able to "borrow" :-)

Yes, well, that's exactly what I *did* use as a starting point! The

I meant a starting point for a 3d model. I'm not the worlds greatest 3d modeller, but if I get some time this weekend I'll try and make a start on that - it's a relatively simple shape, so possibly good for me learning a bit more about blender - I'm running into problems with the Grob 115 model I've started, mainly due to lack of skill in blender, but also due to a lack of detailed info.

Jon Stockill

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