> Hello Everyone,
> I am participating in a project to modify some of the HUD displays and
> create glide slopes in FlightGear.
> Right now, I am having the following problems getting FlightGear0.9.8 to
> run from the source code I compiled using cygwin in windows XP.
> I compiled plib, zlib, simgear and flightgear(there was a warning stating
> w32api/windef.h: warning: this is the location of the previous definition)
> without any errors and once I type:
> $ FGexport FG_ROOT=/usr/local/share/FlightGear
> $ fgfs --airport-id=KSFO --aircraft=c172p --control=joystick
> --disable-random-objects --geometry=1280x1024
> It thinks for a few minutes, throws up the Intro screen with a picture of
> one of the planes and then dies out with this message on the cygwin
> terminal:
> Segmentation fault <core dumped>

You didn't mention OpenAl - it's also needed: see earlier posts on this list
for details if you haven't already included it in your build.



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