>>>With windows you may need a program called PPE(Pretty Poly Editor)to 
>>>Note this will not convert Gmax produced aircraft.
>>Thanks for that it worked, sorta. My 133kb R22.mdl file becomes a 130mb 
>>r22.ac file.

>Yep it does that.A way I  found of getting around that is to convert the mdl 
>file to DXF first
>then load the DXF file back into PPE and save it as a .ac file.This does not 
>work every time
>and some times it has to be pared down in AC3D.Do you have this program?.
>The other alternitive is to tell me the file name and I will have a go at 
>converting it.

I tried the conversion.  It then takes all of the polygons, divides them into 
triangles and seperates them, then it joins all triangles from the entire model 
into a single part.

The way that I am getting around it is to import the .ac file into blender, 
select all points, remove doubles and set smooth.  I have to individually 
import the parts to do this.  At around 100 parts per model this will take a 
while.  Although, in general it takes a lot longer to build a part than to 
convert it this way, especially if done in batches.

In future I suppose that I will try to make the main meshes in FSDS and import 
them because I am more familiar with this format and can better use it to 
optimise the shapes.

>Keeping my tax dollars warm I hope.:-)

Funny you should mention that, I'm actually trying to get a $300k of taxpayers 
money to buy a laser.

Thanks for your help,


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