For some reason, the c172_aero.c file in src/FDM/LaRCsim generates a link error. There is a variable, called simply 'b' that conflicts with a symbol in MacOS 10.4's OpenGL library (go figure). Without making it static (or changing its name), I get the following link error:

ld: ../../src/FDM/LaRCsim/libLaRCsim.a(c172_aero.o) illegal reference to symbol: _b defined in indirectly referenced dynamic library / System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/ libGLImage.dylib

For now, I have made the 'b' variable static and then FlightGear links just fine. It does not complete its initialization, but I probably have a messed up config file (it has been a while since I have build FlightGear).

Jonathan Polley

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