On 20 May 2005, at 15:30, Andy Ross wrote:

it is no longer legal to do this:

int i;

glGenTextures(1, &i);

Instead, you have to declare 'i' as GLint (and similarly for

GLuint and so on)

Are you sure?  I thought the Apple compiler was still a 32 bit

environment on OS/X.  And in any case, PPC64 is an "LP64" ABI,

which means that a plain "int" is still 32 bits, just like GLint.

Really, there are no meaningful (for our purposes) systems any

more where an "int" is anything but 32 bits.  The size of longs

and pointers is variable, but ints are pretty fixed. 

Umm - I am not sure about the reason for making the change, but the fact is that on Tiger, GLuint is a typedef for 'unsigned long'. Hence, the code has to be changed to use the portable names, or GCC 4.0 chokes.

Next time I run into an Apple engineer, I'll ask about this.

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