Martin Spott wrote:
> Well, it really took a very long time for getting there !
> The second half of 2004 I didn't make a single flight due to timely
> and/or monetary restrictions. Afterwards I had to bear almost four
> months of delay because we never managed to match free time and good
> weather for the first solo.

Similar with my first solo cross-country. I chose a rather small
airfield (EDKA, less than 600 m) as the destination of my first solo
cross-country and my intructor decided it would be not a good idea to
have bad weather for this trip. Finally I made it without the slightest
difficulties and I'm very proud of this  :-)
The flight from EDLN to EDKA is about half an hour for each direction
and the feeling on this journey was overwhelming. The most significant
effect is the absence of this guy who talks too much  ;-)

We made several cross-country flights together and I'm really fond of
my instructor, he's quite as crazy a guy as I am told to be myself. But
it is always difficult to make your own opinion upon a certain
situation and additionally have to figure out how the advice of your
instructor matches with your own picture. Often the result of following
your own decision is far better than the result of doing the splits to
merge your own and your instructors ideas. There's always a certain
range of valid reactions on an incident which don't necessarily match
each other.

Last weekend we had a trip to Denmark and I did about six and a half
hours flying that weekend. Alone the trip back home was 188 minutes
non-stop from EKOD to EDLN (BTW, if you ever have the chance to visit
EKEL, do it - if you manage to find it !  ;-)  But the simple solo trip
of just half an hour per direction still was much more inspiring.

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