Interesting...I have no use for navaid data.  Is there an option to
turn these off?  And as far as airports go, I only care about the
imagery.  Any other info, I can do without.  Hmmm, that would probably
free up a lot of memory too, huh?

I'll look into limiting the region of airports it loads.

I find it odd that it takes 5 minutes for you...I'm by no means
running it on a top-of-the-line gaming machine...a Centrino laptop
1600 MHz with 256 Megs of RAM and a Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics

On 5/24/05, Vivian Meazza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Drew wrote
> > FlightGear takes nearly a minute to start up from my Windows build,
> > and I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to shorten this if I'm
> > not using all of flightgear's features.  Is there one particular task
> > that takes particularly long?
> >
> Only a minute eh? Under Cygwin cvs takes nearly 5 minutes - time for a brew
> a coffee - and that's on a pretty powerful machine. The majority of this
> time seems to be taken up by the loading of Airport and Navaid data. As I
> understand it, the program loads all that are available without regard for
> the location of the aircraft. Keeping this number to a minimum should help.
> The other variable under your control is the number of scenery objects, but
> this doesn't seem to take all that much tile anyway.
> We really need to sort this one.
> Regards,
> Vivian
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