> * Drew -- Tuesday 24 May 2005 07:54:
> > FlightGear takes nearly a minute to start up from my Windows build,
> > and I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to shorten this if I'm
> > not using all of flightgear's features.  Is there one particular task
> > that takes particularly long?
> Because yesterday was the 200th bithday of the Wiener/Frankfurter/Hot-Dog
> sausage, I add my mustard (German saying; does probably not translate well :-)
> I know about the deficiencies of MICROS~1 Windos in general, but not about
> CygWin/MinG.

The problem is Cygwin emulates Posix streams and this adds significantly
to the overhead of stream based ops

The XML files require *many* stream ops

This addirional overhead is not present in MingW in that it uses
native Win32 streams.

I guess I should mention the deficiencies of non MSoft OSs but
I will leave the *flames* for another time :-)


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