Hey gang,

I'm trying to write some Java code to interface with FlightGear's IO system
via sockets. I'm running on Windows (don't know if that matters or not.)
Anyhow, I need to do two things:

1) Have one socket sending flight commands (like changing the rudder
position, or turning on/off the autopilot, setting throttle, etc.) These can
come in at any time.

2) Have another socket that my code listens for periodic updates in status
information from FlightGear (position, attitude, engine temp, fuel flow
rates, etc.)

>From what I see in the documentation, it shows that you can do this. I'm a
bit confused by it though.

To do task #1 above, do I just open a socket to Flightgear on the specified
port, then send a XML doc with just the 1 command element I want to specify?

To do task #2 above, as I understand it, I have to set up a XML file on the
machine running FG that basically tells FG what data I want sent back over
the socket. Does it come across the wire as an XML doc every x.x seconds (I
see that there's a Hz setting when specifying the socket connection in FG),
or does it come across as comma delimited or something like that?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.



Mike Kopack
ISX Corporation
1800 Parkway Place Suite 900
Marietta, GA 30067

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