* Ben Morrison -- Tuesday 24 May 2005 15:47:
> On flightgear's console it gives me a warning: Can't parse this material.

What about posting that broken line? This is a developers' list, remember?

> I read in a past discussion this may be because of the specular 
> component of the material.

The components must be in strict order

  MATERIAL "foo" rgb 0 0 0  amb 0 0 0  emis 0 0 0  spec 0 0 0  shi 0  trans 0

the material name *must* be quoted (which is a bug in plib's loader -- the
AC3D spec AFAIK only requires that for names containing spaces!)

> The other problem I am having is once I export the model to AC3D from blender
> it will give me an error when I try to import it back in.

"an error" is what? An error message? Which? (This is a developers' list!)
Or is it only imported in wrong orientation? This is a bug in the importer,
that is fixed in recent versions.

> Does anyone have a solution for this? 

Depends on the problem, which you didn't really tell us.  :-P


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