Le mardi 24 mai 2005 à 16:43 +0200, Erik Hofman a écrit :
> Harald JOHNSEN wrote:
> > Another problem not related to pure performance is that the first 
> > retrieval of metar data can block FG for a long time (perhaps one 
> > minute) when the metar server is not accessible (or when there is any 
> > network problem). The code does a lot of (useless) retries. Perhaps its 
> > simpler not to update the metar on IO error and continue silently.
> Which version of FlightGear are you using?
> This has been fixed a long time ago.
  On my side I do confirm: 
   Metar is waiting for an answer during startup.
 I do use permanently Metar  , if the network is off,  fgfs wait for a
lot of time before going on ===> fgfs 9.8   and fgfs cvs

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