It takes 23 seconds to start my build on an amd64 3400, 1Gb ram.


Drew a écrit :

I'm compiling a Release build.  It takes me a bit under a minute to
bring it up, which isn't as bad as the 5 minutes Vivian reported, but
it's still longer than I'd like (and longer than I believe is
necessary).  I'll see what I can do about disabling navaids...that
seems like it be a lot of help.  I haven't found a property in
preferences.xml or a command-line option for this, yet.


On 5/24/05, Frederic Bouvier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Drew a écrit :

FlightGear takes nearly a minute to start up from my Windows build,
and I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to shorten this if I'm
not using all of flightgear's features.  Is there one particular task
that takes particularly long?

Do you use the Debug or the Release build ?
MSVC 7.x adds a lot of debug code in memory management (assertion check,
corrupted heap) that makes the Debug build **very** slow.
The Release build, as in the official win32 releases, is way faster.
Maybe 5x to 10x.


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