On May 24, 2005 07:45 am, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> for (3): use as few textures as possible; You can:
>          - edit material.xml and let it share textures (only one wood
> texture) or start fgfs in the desert :-)
>          - use aircraft with few and small textures (hint: avoid the MD-11
> :-) - scale down textures
>          But all that makes the scenery uglier and is probably not what you
> want. The gain is probably not worth it, anyway.

Sorry about that. =(

I will do an update soon, which will include:
* down sizing the textures
* eliminating the LOD's
* directories and files restructuring
* landing gear animations
* a more "complete" cockpit model.
* possibility of a better 3D model for the aircraft

But first, I will need to finish these monstrous scripts for the A380.

Your help in speeding up this process will be most welcome though. =)


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