* Jim Wilson -- Wednesday 25 May 2005 21:02:
> And I am aware of the global property.

Yes, I noticed that you are using it in one case after I had sent that

> For the most part I am not using multiple materials, and do not want
> all objects emissive. [...] There should be little difference in the
> performance since only one callback is generated per object group.      

Agreed. That's another thing that I had missed when I read the cvs logs:
that you have all the instruments in separate files. Having one "material"
animation in each of them does of course make sense. And actually, it
was me who should take the <global> thing more seriously. I had a long
list of twenty objects in my bo105 rotor animation. This meant to generate
19 copies of one existing ssgSimpleState, and then to visit each of them
periodically. That's nonsnse. Now I ate my own dogfood and there's just
one node left that is animated. All other rotor objects automatically
adopt the state changes. Thanks to <global>.  :-)


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