Dear list members,
I would like to show functions of flightgear and terragear to my boss. I have succeeded to compile flightgear, but not terragear. There is no problem with plib, metakit and openal, but I have add some constants (M_LN2, M_PI, M_E) for simgear and still got 16 errors with model.cxx.

I have sent an e-mail to terragear-devel mailing list, but got nothing as answer. So I sent another mail to simgear mailing list, but I got a message to send my problem to flightgear mailing list.

I have got flightgear-devel mailing list archives, but there are a lot of file to check for similar errors, and I do not have enough time.

That is why, I would like to get windows compiled version of terragear.

Best regards...

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