Gerard ROBIN wrote:
> Le mercredi 25 mai 2005 à 18:38 -0400, Josh Babcock a écrit :
>>Well, I have the EC-135 on my short list, but I have to finish the
>>Colditz, the Superfortress and another surprise I'm working on. I also
>>want to do a Mosquito and a B-47 first. A 350 should be nice though, I
>>see more and more of those things every day. It's the new Jet Ranger.
>      We have seen your B29 Beta version, it is a beautiful project.
>     And now we are waiting for the stable version. 
>      In spite of the history of the B29 which is not glorious
> (Hiroshima......)   

Sadly, the 29 is waiting for a stable version of my machine. I have not
been able to run fgfs for a while, it doesn't seem to find all the
OpenGL calls it needs. Everything else works fine, and I just did a
clean install of all the X stuff on my machine. I am wondering if I
don't have a hardware problem. The only thing left to try is a clean
install, which I haven't had time for yet. I've been working on it for
two years, so in the big scheme of things it isn't a huge deal, but I
was closing in on a release.


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