* Melchior FRANZ -- Thursday 26 May 2005 14:00:
> "cache a binary representation in $FG_HOME [...]"

Or better even in /var/tmp/. BTW: this method isn't such a Great Idea[TM], as
someone implied (and it wasn't Richard, who certainly knows that). It's rather
the usual way to do things like these. sendmail does it (you have to compile
the ascii files yourself), KDE does it: every config file is ASCII in good
old MICROS~1 *.ini format; but behind the scenes, they are collected and
compiled into a binary database by kbuildsycoca[1]. Most KDE users probably
don't know that, and that's how it should be. The *rc files are still open.
Nobody cares for the cached binary blob. And not many know it's internal
format, although it's, of course, documented.


[1] "KDE: build system configuration cache" :-)

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