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> Dave Culp wrote:
> > Lately I've been flying around German terrain and have been getting
> > an FDM  freeze at seemingly random occasions after flying for ten
> > minutes or so.   Here's a screenshot of the freeze:
> > 
> >            http://home.comcast.net/~davidculp2/fdm_freeze.jpg
> You should not do these manouvres with such an old aircraft  ;-)
> I _might_ know a similar szenario. I thought I'd post a description
> last week but I held it back - until now. The effect _I_ see is that
> the FDM does _not_ feeze _immediately_ but instead it slows down at a
> very high rate and I get at least one or two more "state changes".
> I'm able to reproduce the effect under the following circumstances:
> 1.) Choose the A-10fl,
> 2.) take off at EKOD,
> 3.) switch to some outside view,
> 4.) activate the autopilot to altitude-hold and select 800 ft,
> 5.) put EKSB as the first item on the list of waypoints,
> 6.) put EDXF as the second item on the list of waypoints.
> The aircraft heads towards EKSB at a constant altitude of approx.
> 950 (!?!?) ft. After arriving overhead EKSB the aircraft _should_ turn
> right to head for EDXF. The last picture I see is in the moment of
> having the aircraft right overhead EKSB, then I encounter a delay of
> about 15 sec. and the next frame I get shows the aircraft in the mid
> of the turn towards EDXF. With a bit of luck I get another frame about
> 20 sec. later.

..what happens if you slow the simulation by 15-20 times the clock time?

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