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On Wednesday 25 May 2005 23:31, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
Gerard ROBIN a écrit :
You where using FGSD, does it mean you are working on windows.
because on the linux side i could never make a compilation of that
It is a long time ago i wondered to make sceneries of France in
It is tricky but doable. Look at the release notes of version 0.3.0 on
sourceforge ( click on the version in the file page )
BTW : Martin contributed an IRIX build


What about offering static binary builds of FGSD for linux with everything included?
This might increase the package size but is very easy to use.

I found that there are more dynamic libraries under Linux than under Windows, and that they are distribution dependant. If you can compile something statically, I am ready to put it on sourceforge for download.


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