Dave Culp wrote:
> One decision to make is what the handler should do once a crash is
> detected.  I have it calling the reinit code in order to reset the
> sim to the starting position (below), while others may prefer to
> have the sim close after a crash, or perhaps display a crash-splash
> screen and/or console warning.

YASim currently sets a /sim/crashed property.  Melchior's bo105 stuff
uses this as an animation input, but you could also write a Nasal
script or whatnot to poll for changes.

If you want to do push-mode handling with an FGCommand and make it
settable by the user, you can have the command call (or be) a Nasal
script that can be assigned by the user (e.g. globals.crashHandler =
myFunction).  Or have it indirect through another FGCommand binding
found in the property tree, etc...


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