> On Thursday 26 May 2005 22:48, Andy Ross wrote:
> >
> > Attached is a patch that pre-reads the directory contents ahead of
> > time (currently that is a list of length zero) to avoid having to hit
> > the kernel (twice!) for every airport.
> >
> > Under Linux, this doesn't provide much speedup.  But Windows (and
> > especially the cygwin libraries) has a somewhat less robust I/O system
> > in the face of many tiny operations.  Hopefully it will help there.
> > Can someone on each of cygwin, mingw and/or MSVC try this out and see
> > if it helps?

Hmm could you please whare with us what isn't 'robust' about the Cygwin 
file system.

It is slow compared to the Linux or Native Win32 file system in that it has to 
thru an extra translation layer inorder to get Unix behaviour under Win32 
but ..... implying that Cygwin file operayions are not robust borders on pure 



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