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Another problem not related to pure performance is that the first retrieval of metar data can block FG for a long time (perhaps one minute) when the metar server is not accessible (or when there is any network problem). The code does a lot of (useless) retries. Perhaps its simpler not to update the metar on IO error and continue silently.

I have noticed this too. We are doing the metar fetching in a separate thread to avoid this specific problem, but I wonder if something in that process has broke, or if some how the metar thread can still manage to block the main thread while it is out fetching data. I haven't had time to poke around with this myself, but it would be worth trying to come up with a way to reproduce the problem so one of the developers could poke around and try to figure out what is going on. Thread code is tricky and there could be a subtle blocking bug in there some place.


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